Saturday, 13 September 2014


"Whatever you think is over for me, was over a long time ago..."

The Rover - an intense, disturbing piece of film-making. A study of a future that may well become inevitable...

I've always liked Guy Pearce's acting and he doesn't fail to deliver in this either. But the real surprise comes from Robert Pattinson. Forget Twilight and Harry Potter; he's almost unrecognizable as he delivers a stark, sympathetic portrayal of a desperate half-wit on the road to nowhere.

So what is it about? Well imagine if you will, a bleak outback landscape; the world after a global economic collapse. It could easily be the dawn of the Age of Mad Max. And into that landscape you drop an even more haggard version of Walter White; haunted by his past and with nothing much left to lose - except his car.

And then you team him up with a simpleton, who could easily be Jessie Pinkman but without the street smarts or the colourful vocabulary. The story unfolds as they proceed to have a very, very bad day... This is not Breaking Bad, its Badly Broken.

The future has never looked so bleak, and yet so completely plausible...

Check the trailer:

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